About Us & You

Focus On Your Health!

Take Care Of Yourself Before You Can Take Care Of Others!

We Live By The Notion Of Self-Care. Doing What Is Right For Us Means We Are Able To Do What Is Right For You! 

This Is Why We Dedicate Our Time And Energy To Assist You In This Time Of Need. 

We Take Care Of Us In Order We Can Take Care Of You By Ensuring We Keep Our Self Healthy And Fit. We Wish You To Do The Same Mentally And Physically.


Who Are We!

Highly Qualified and Determined To See Change

This is a family-run counselling & hypnotherapy service done mainly remotely, during this uncertain time we face. 

Uvita Henville who is the main counsellor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist has a long tradition in offering her service to all who need help and assistance. 

She has spent years volunteering her services to all who need help and assistance and is now able to offer you counselling and hypnotherapy at a cheaper rate with more hours designated to you by offering up to 2 hour sessions instead of 1 hour sessions.